Step 1: Digging

First we start digging to experiment mine location's sample bentonite 

Step 2: Testing

After digging, we get sufficient sample to test it, and if it's ok, and approved by our quality control department, then we go to 3rd step for mining

Step 3: Mining

After approval of digging sample, Then we start the mining.

Step 4: Sorting & Drying

Sorting and drying process starts right after mining, also sizing procedure done on this step.

Step 5: Dumping

We makes raw material bentonite dumps at mining area or at our factory for activation process (If required)

Step 6: Activation

Activation process is required when some test results need to improve on natural Bentonite, all chemical process done on this step.

Step 7: Grading

After chemical process. We sorting all processed Bentonite grade wise for pulverization process

Step 8: Pulverizing Process

Pulverizing process is the most IMP process to produce grade wise powder form from chemically processed or from natural Bentonite, Then again we will test its quality.

Step 9: Quality Testing Process

During Pulverizing process, We take sample on few hours interval to test the quality, If need any improvement, we immediately take an action to improve the quality and then finally approve it.

Step 10: Packing & Dispatch

After confirmation of quality report from our Lab, Then packing process starts and we make its stock for the final dispatch to deliver our clients.